point leo foreshore reserve, point leo

Mamma is always blown away by Point Leo!
As you arrive at the foreshore and see the sprawling bay ahead of you, it’s such a phenomenal sight. (Mental note - always keep some swimmers in the car for coastal emergencies!)

Mamma strongly recommends heading towards the small river and discover the boardwalk track high above the river, in an almost forest-like environment. It’s only a short walk but, wow, is it pretty!
There are beach tracks that take you down onto the rocks, Mamma still needs to check them out. There’s a cute little playground with spectacular views, a campground and an awesome little beach kiosk (only open in summer).

Mamma highly recommends this spot for your next day trip!

Mamma's lil tips
There is SO much to do within a 15 minute drive from here!
2 minutes away you can grab some food from Point Leo Beach Kiosk.
Adventure is waiting for you at Enchanted Adventure Garden and Eagle Skylift.
Pick some strawberries at Sunny Ridge, or cherries at Ripe N Ready.
Grab some BBQ tucker at Red Gum BBQ.
Check out Emu Plains or Red Hill Markets when they’re on!


the nitty gritty

Open 24 hours

Parking cost $4

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